How many of us are willing to get that PhD in FAILURE so that we can …
⚾ live the life of our dreams?
⚾ have the business we want?
⚾ have the time freedom we want?
⚾ have the relationships we want?
⚾ have the income we want?

I used to believe that failure was not part of success. Failure was for those who didn’t do their research, or follow the right instructions, or simply had bad luck. Failure was painful. It was to be avoided AT ALL COST!

Thank goodness I’ve since learned the truth. FAILURE IS FEEDBACK 💣. Failure allows us to learn, to grow, to become that 2.0 version of ourselves, to create 2.0 versions of our family…business…income… organization…team, etc. Failure is a gift.

This paradigm shift doesn’t frequently make failure easier or less painful. It does, however, give us a better understanding of its purpose. It allows us to give new meaning to the situation so that it can help us GET BACK UP so we can get that Master’s in SUCCESS.

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