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Create your own future | HALAUT COACHING SOLUTIONS

Did you know that each and every one of us has the power to create our DESTINY???

Unfortunately, too often we are brought up being told that certain things are “in our genes” or unchangeable. We are subconsciously embedded with a victim mentality that our health and our wellness, our financial status, our social status isn’t in our control.

How constricting is that??? How defeating is that??? How can we find freedom, peace and contentment when so much is out of our control???

“So many of us are living limited lives, not because we have to but because we think we have to.” –Bruce Lipton

If you have never read Bruce Lipton’s book Biology of Belief, you should definitely put it on your reading list. It will dramatically change the way you think about your own thinking and your future. He explains how our brain is simply an information processor…like a computer. When you get a new computer, you must load it with programs. Many of us, as we grew up (and this is no judgement on parents because we have all done the best we knew how) we were embedded with defective programming. How many of these did you hear growing up…

  • “Eat everything on your plate or children in Africa will starve to death.”
  • “Vegetables do not taste good.”
  • “Eating clean is too expensive.”
  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
  • “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”
  • “If you grow up the ghetto you stay in the ghetto. You don’t abandon your brothers.”
  • “Diabetes (or any other “hereditary” disease) is in our genes.”
  • “If you are sick, you will only get well by going to the doctor.”
  • “Women shouldn’t work outside of the home.”
  • “Women are too emotional”
  • “Strong women are b*itches.”
  • “Men should be the primary breadwinners in the family.”
  • “Men shouldn’t cry or express emotion.”
  • “Real men never ask for directions.”
  • “Men only want one thing.”

These things linger in our subconscious and affect our expectations, our decisions, our feelings, our thoughts. What if we could start over? Get a do-over…so to speak. Science tells us that from 0 – 7 years of age we are designed to download behaviors. By age 7, we develop a consciousness. The things that we said around us when we were young, we had no control over and yet they control us for the rest of our lives. But, what if we could re-program our brain with things that serve our dreams and goals? What if we could replace those things that make us feel guilty, shameful, hopeless, defeated, unloved, unlovable, unsuccessful with programs that make us feel confident, alive, hopeful, loved, content, peaceful, successful, abundant, worthy? How would your world be different?

My coaches and mentors have been game changers for me. They offer me the opportunity to dig and discover where my previous programming, my limiting beliefs keep me from reaching my goals. They have unlocked doors for me in my thinking and helped me reprogram with thoughts, habits and behaviors that serve me and where I want to be and what I want to accomplish. Without them, I would never have reached this amazing place that I am in today. I would not be the mom, the wife, the businesswoman that I’m so proud to have become. It’s been hard work at times, tears at times, lots of laughter and a massive sense of accomplishment all rolled into one. And I wouldn’t change a minute of any of it.

When you make a decision to be intentional about your personal development things will begin to move forward, you will begin to notice a shift from stagnation to flow, from lack to abundance, from confusion to clarity, from pain to peace. This is the turning point. It is your gift from the Universe as you step into your unlimited potential. Tony Robbins says it best, “we don’t need to be fixed, we aren’t broken. We need to fix the patterns that keep us in an identity that isn’t us.”

I challenge you today to take one step towards fixing the patterns that are limiting you. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Hire a Coach. Put a Personal Development event on your calendar for this year. Create a morning routine. Create an exercise routine. Change your eating habits. Have a meaningful conversation with your spouse about things what you would love in your relationship. Take a class. Why? Because you are worth it!!!

“Personal Development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself.” –Denis Waitley

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