Why would I do something crazy like choosing to walk on HOT COALS that are between 1200-2000 degrees???

I HAD TO!!! And, I’d love to share my experience with you in hopes it would encourage and inspire you.

  • I needed to prove to myself and recommit to myself that I’m not a quitter when things are hard or scary.

If I bailed on myself in this, how many other ways am I bailing on myself, my family, my business, my faith, my friendships? Are you someone who gets really excited about new adventures, but your follow through is less than stellar? Me too. It’s time to break the cycle! Right NOW! You, your dream, your family, your future….It’s all WORTH IT!!!

  • Am I willing to let go of my stories that I use as excuses for not moving forward?

“The only thing keeping you from what you want is the story you tell yourself about why you don’t have it.” -Tony Robbins

What EXACTLY do I want for my future and what are the stories attached to those things? And why are they not already a part of my life? You can fight for your excuses or you can fight for you future. It’s your choice, but whichever one you fight for the most, you get to keep. No one and nothing did it TO you.

  • Confidence and courage are muscles that need to be exercised, grown intentionally and nurtured / maintained.

I can’t only take action when it feels good. Every time I negotiate with myself about whether or not to take action towards my dream based on how I feel and then as a result, don’t take action, I damage my self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image and I lose a part of my courage muscle. I also lose respect for myself. The act may not feel good, but the RESULT will feel good. The answer is in the ACTION. ACTION will make you feel good about you and you will feel good when you respect yourself!

  • I can choose to FOCUS on the “fire” in any situation or I can choose to FOCUS on creating a BEAUTIFUL RESULT.

“What you FOCUS on, you FEEL.” -Tony Robbins

By maintaining FOCUS on the RESULT and not on the “fire” in the middle that I perceive to be uncomfortable or scary… I CAN DO ANYTHING. Because I had done the priming steps and got into PEAK STATE, I didn’t even FEEL the fire. I was stepping forward with such intensity and passion that it took 2 people to stop my forward motion and make me stop and wash my feet. “Stop walking, you made it, you did it!!!”

How would your life change if you stopped focusing on the fires in your life? How much more passion would you have? Energy? Love? Momentum? RESULTS???

Living in a personal hell or a beautiful state begins with FOCUS!

  • I want to experience more gifts that my Creator has in store for me.

“When you use more of what you Creator has given you, you experience more of His gifts.” -Tony Robbins

What gifts do I want to experience more of? “For God has not given us the spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, and of LOVE,  and of SOUND MIND. “ (2 Timothy 1:7) THAT!!! Who doesn’t want more POWER, LOVE AND SOUND MIND? I was already given these gifts at the moment of my salvation. It’s up to me to step into them, to accept them, to grow them. They are already mine!

I do NOT have the spirit of FEAR! You do not have the spirit of FEAR! Speak this over yourself. How does that feel?

  • Am I willing to overcome the fear (stepping out of what is not mine) of taking the 1st step into the unknown to meet the woman who comes out on the other side?

“What you GET will never make you happy; what you BECOME will make you happy or sad.” -Tony Robbins

Feeding and focusing on my fear and my story will keep me from meeting that woman. I met her. She’s pretty freaking awesome!!!

The experience:

It’s time. It is time to exit the Curtis Culwell Center and walk across the street to the firewalking location, Tony asks us to remove our shoes and roll up our pant legs in prep, leaving our things at our seats.

It is getting real!

I am walking barefoot in the dark on a pathway lit by glow sticks. The moon is bright. The concrete is cool. We are all prepping and priming, staying in peak state by chanting “YES, YES, YES…” I begin to hear tribal drums in the distance. They get into my soul. The sound, the rhythm. My heart is pounding. Is it fear or excitement? How do I know the difference?

Sidebar: Did you know that your body experiences the same sensations with excitement and fear? The only difference is how you are breathing. In fear, you take shallow, restricted breaths. In excitement, you take deep, expansive breathes.

I hear Tony in my head from earlier…”you are 100% responsible for your experience and in that you have POWER”. I start to breathe deep, expansive breathes and I begin to remember the gifts that I already have that I want more of. I was NOT given a spirit of fear. I have POWER, I have LOVE, I have SOUND MIND! I stop chanting YES and began claiming what is mine…I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! I am not doing this alone and I am not doing this in my own limited human power. My power comes from the GRACE that is already in me. It’s my responsibility to tap into that through ACTION.

I have 35 lanes of fire to choose from. I get in line. This is really happening. An old habit pops in, that habit of negotiating with myself, “what are you doing”, “what if you get burned”, “what if your pant leg falls down and you catch on fire”, “I still have time to bail, no one will know.” Really? I will know!!! I will know that I bailed AGAIN! My husband, who is standing right here beside me, who supports me 100% in all of my craziness will know. My resolve goes through the roof. I am ready for MASSIVE ACTION. I WILL BE A FIREWALKER!!!

  • It’s not about the FIRE, it’s about whether I’m willing to take the first step scared. Is my dream worth it? Is my future worth it? Am I worth it?

“Courage does not mean that you’re not afraid. It means that you are afraid, and you do it anyway.” – Tony Robbins

This is the deal…this is what I know to be true right now, in this very moment, that if I bail it would destroy EVERTHING I have worked hard to create. If I allow fear to win in this moment, it will continue to win. If I negotiate, I will continue to negotiate. This is do or die to my future. If I bail in this moment I will be an employee for the rest of my life, others would be in control of how much I am worth, how much vacation I can take and when, what car I can afford to drive, what house I can afford to live in, how much I can afford to give to my church and to others (including my family)….NO! NO MORE! You may be in a job that feeds your soul. That’s amazing. But I have a different calling on my life. It has been made clear to me on more than one occasion. I know it to be true. If I don’t live into it, I know I will NEVER feel completely fulfilled because it is who I am. Everything that I have been through and experienced in my life has led me into and molded me for my purpose on this earth.

It’s my turn, I step onto the grass pad. I remember Tony saying earlier…” even if you are scared, at least step onto the grass pad. No one will make you go further; it will always be your choice. But give yourself the gift of stepping up to the grass pad. In fact, you will only be allowed to walk the coals when you reach peak state. They will know and you will know. We have trained for this moment. You have done this in your imagination over and over. When they tell you to go, step out with boldness, look straight ahead, focusing on the result.”

I decide…I AM a firewalker! They say go. There is NO hesitation, no negotiation. My soul bursts with pride. I move forward with more power and boldness than I ever thought possible. I have so much momentum, it takes 2 trainers at the end of the path to stop me. They nearly lift me off the ground because I’m not stopping.

I met the woman on the other side. Want to meet her? She has a new name…Blaze!

Watch out world. This girl is on a mission. I’m inviting you to join me. Let’s GO!

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